how to combine the craziest shoes of the month!

Deceptive iridescent Alexoo: how to combine the craziest shoes of the month!

The iridescent Alexoo decollete are my crazy obsession of the moment: they cost less than 30 Euros, the colors are incredible and are the classic crazy shoes that solve the outfit dilemma in a moment.

And then they are good for the mood, and this is not a little.

My first purchase on the Alexoo site dates back to last year, although the shoes are low cost quality not exceptional I found myself well, and I often recommend this platform for unwilling purchases to pamper even when the budget is reduced.

The prices are really very low, and the proposed models are trendy at the right point.

These iridescent decollete are not exactly everyday shoes, which is why spending little is the wisest and most satisfying choice; the price is 29 euros and are available from size 36 to size 41.

They are made of fake reptile print leather, the fit is regular.

But how do they match?

When we are dealing with shoes so showy, both in shape and color, a changing blue that takes on shades of green, you have to keep the rest of the look simple: there is no decollete that can not be combined with a total black monochrome look , white, but also blue, given the shades of this model.

To make them protagonists opt for clothes that discover a few inches ankle: pleated skirt, culottes, boyfriend jeans a bit ‘wide, the choice is huge!

Set aside garments with rips, gaudy embroideries, decorations and overly flashy inserts, and focus on simplicity; sometimes we seem to forget about how nice it is to prefer clean lines and sober combinations to more creative but also much more confusing outfits.

It’s also the best way to let our passion for shoes speak in the most chic way, without using words: that’s how in life I meet other fans, you know? We look at each other’s feet and in a moment the conversation starts, which is often surreal and a bit crazy for the others!