Metallic Heels: Outfit with full skirt

Metallic decollete Cesare Paciotti – Outfit with full skirt

Would you ever wear strawberry pink metallic decollete ?

I naturally yes.

The moment I put my feet in these shoes Cesare Paciotti for the first time, I felt them mine: you know that mysterious feeling that forces us to buy something, and is more powerful than the most convincing discount? Here, every model I add to my shoe collection has been pushed in there by this inexplicable force.

Building a coherent outfit starting with a pair of flashy metallic decollete like this is not easy, the most immediate solution is to combine them with basic garments in neutral tones, like jeans, black or white, but this year I promise to play more with my looks, and then I decided to wear them with other hints of color in the same shade of bright pink.

I have instead avoided any other metallic garment, because a chocolate effect accessory for chocolates is very glam, but two are already too many, even if in perfect combination: when you decide to wear a shoe that attracts attention (every day of my life, NDR), it is important to make it the protagonist of our look, complimenting it with garments that emphasize its beauty without prevailing it.

What makes this spectacular skirt to perfection that I ordered just before mid-August, after courting her for weeks on Instagram; It is sewn by hand, and as you can see it has the face of Frida Kahlo printed here and there.

I love the artist, and I love drawing, colored in the right place; to complete the look with simplicity I then chose a very linear strawberry pink t shirt, needless to say that I had forgotten to have bought it, and find it in the wardrobe was a pleasant surprise.

To conclude the outfit, I decided to play with the clutch of Frida Kahlo, but I plan to replicate the look by opting for my neutral bag by Rebecca Minkoff, a must have of my wardrobe for three years now.

Metallic decollete are always in trend, from season to season the metal look is repeated on clothes and accessories because its futuristic appearance and just above the lines fascinates and seduces the look, which remains enraptured by the colored glows emanating from leather and glossy fabrics.

Choosing a bright color, in a metal key, is a great way to elevate the simplest look without getting wrapped up in the bondage of metals like gold and silver, always complicated to handle when it comes to creating combinations with the hardware of bags, jewelery and belts .

Here then the metallized decollete are transformed into neutral shoes, to wear without thinking too much, to observe life through a pair of shiny lenses and maybe just pink.

Before leaving you to the details of my outfit, I want to share with you one of the phrases that I love most about Frida.

And I also want to confess a little secret: this concept is at the base of my online presence, in the blog, on social networks and on YouTube. I started as a game, but I continue to tell those who follow me that we are all strange in our way, and this is our strength!

” I used to think I was the strangest person in the world but then I thought, there are so many people in the world, there must be someone just like me, who feels bizarre and faulty the way I feel. I would like to imagine it, and imagine that you must be out there and that you are thinking of me too. Well, I hope that if you’re out there and you have to read this, you know that yes, it’s true, I’m here and I’m weird just like you. “

(Frida Kahlo)

The 365-motion limited edition sneakers

Gué Pequeno and Gas launch the 365-motion limited edition sneakers

If you’ve never seen the Gué Pequeno sneakers collection know that it has nothing to envy to our precious shoe collections: is that why the brand Gas Footwear has chosen the rapper and producer to create a pair of personalized sneakers in a limited edition?

The base on which he has worked is the model 365 Motion , a sneaker in unisex leather that is easy to combine with any type of look, from the most sporty to the most glamorous.

Gué Pequeno took up the challenge of Gas Footwear and presented a pair of 365 Motion sneakers in white leather, with spotted and golden inserts that embellish the tongue and the heel: the animalier is the trend of the moment, I’m sure you noticed that it is everywhere, but it has caught on especially in the footwear world, where it is easier to dare without overdoing it.

The 365 Motion 365 sneakers signed by Gué Pequeno and Gas Footwear will be on sale from October 12 in the single-brand store in Rome, selected stores and the official website of the brand: I find them really fun and successful, I like the touch of madness is perfectly balanced to a clean silhouette, made even more candid by the choice of white leather.

The contrast is noticeable but not heavy, Gué Pequeno was really good at mixing the elements of his sneakers!

The partnership between the brand Gas and UBC, a company specialized in the design and creation of quality Italian shoes, linked to the artisan tradition, gave life to the shoes.

The 365 Motion sneaker, iconic model of Gas Footwear, is known for its comfort and quality of workmanship, details that in this case have merged perfectly with the creative inspiration of Gué Pequeno.

In the coming months, other artists of the music world will try their hand at making their version of the 365 Motion sneakers, will they be able to do better?

To stay informed about the launch of the sneakers keep an eye on the official Gas Footwear website, something tells me that this limited edition will be a success.

blue decollete – Outfit with blue and gold Paciotti shoes

Cesare Paciotti blue decollete – Outfit with blue and gold Paciotti shoes

When I bought these blue pumps Cesare Paciotti I immediately imagined wearing them with a pair of skinny jeans and a white shirt: I liked the idea of ​​making them the protagonists of a rather classic and clean outfit that emphasized the particularity of the design.

But then I changed my mind, and I decided to experiment; of course I will wear them like that, but to present them in the blog for the first time I chose a different look, more glamorous and colorful.

I first thought of combining shoes with an elegant dress in shades of blue, then a jumpsuit suit with floral print, and at the end I tried these pleated trousers and it was love at first sight: the color complimented the shoes perfectly, the length reveals the ankle decorated by the play of thin laces, and the slipped lines give movement to the figure and take up the wavy pattern of the profiles of the decollete.

It is never easy to build a refined and refined outfit, but it is also able to leave the shoes at the center of attention , where I want them to be, since they are the accessory that best describes my personality!

In addition, playing with the shades of blue can be complicated, because there are many and finding the right one can be a challenge, especially if the starting color is rather unusual.

The color of my blue pumps Cesare Paciotti is called “pacific”, is a vibrant and full nuance, also emphasized by the chosen leather, a very soft suede.

Impeccable also the choice of covering a part of the heel and the heel with an insert of golden shiny leather that warms the blue, making it even more intense; but the details that have conquered me completely are the hooks that hold the two leather laces, made with the same dagger symbol of the Paciotti brand.

An unexpected touch, which makes the shoe even more sensual and brash, despite the heel is not overly high.

To complete the look without loading it with too many colors and processed fabrics, I opted for a simple black top with mesh insert on the decollete, worn outside the trousers so as not to create a breaking line at a point where it is better not to draw attention: do we want to call it style secret? For me it is more a lifestyle!

I liked the idea of ​​creating a continuous vertical line, to avoid a further cut on the figure after the one made by the lace up laces of my blue Cesare Paciotti pumps.

Once again I have reduced to a minimum the presence of other accessories, choosing a gold mini bag to illuminate the upper part of my look, and a thin luminous bracelet to embellish the wrist.

How to clean white leather and canvas sneakers

How to clean white leather and canvas sneakers

By popular demand another article with my DIY remedies: this time we do not talk about foot pain but advice to clean the white sneakers , both those of real leather and the more classic in canvas and rubber.

I love the completely white sports shoes, only a few days ago I published the new arrival of my Panchic shoe and for years I share photos of my white All Star: I think sneakers are the perfect shoes to dare with a difficult color like white, versatile yes, but quite risky when it comes to high heels and closed models such as pumps and boots.

The white sneakers have a relaxed and easy, but to be worn outside the gym must be immaculate and impeccable: now I’ll tell you how I do so that mine are always in order, although I’m a particularly “dirty” person, if I am grant the term.

Will this be why I learned to remove any type of shoe stain and clothes of different materials and fabrics? I say yes!

How to clean white sneakers in canvas

1) In the washing machine. If the shoes are not particularly dirty and only need a quick clean remove the laces and put them in the washing machine; wash it at 30 ° without centrifuge and then leave it to dry in the open air, never under direct sun. Do not even use the dryer because excessive heat can detach the sole.

2) With Marseille soap. You can apply it directly on the stains, after moistening the whole surface of the shoe to be treated with warm water. Let it take the necessary time and rinse. Of course you can also put the sneakers in the washing machine after pretreating them.

3) With bicarbonate. This super stain remover can be added to the washing machine, but it is also very good to wash the shoes by hand; you can rub it on the stains and on the dirtiest areas of the rubber sole, but I prefer to make a little ball with water and pass it on the surface of the shoe with an old toothbrush.

4) With bicarbonate, lukewarm water and wine vinegar. This is my favorite method, also because the same solution can also be used to clean the house in a natural and super effective way: do not be afraid, the vinegar does not stink when it evaporates, promised! Add the same amount of lukewarm water, bicarbonate and white wine vinegar and mix it all in a small bowl: pick up the pasta that is created and rub it on the white sneakers with a toothbrush. Wait a few minutes and rinse, by hand or in the washing machine: the shoes will seem just bought, and among other things, bicarbonate is also an excellent natural anti-bacterial!

5) Lemon juice: another natural stain remover! Cut the fruit in half and pass it over the entire surface of the shoes, insisting on the spots; then make a small scrub with a toothbrush and rinse, the white will be blinding!

6) Soap for the dishes: you can wash the sneakers by hand or even in the dishwasher (maybe empty first!), Using the same soap you use for pots and cutlery, because it is extremely degreasing. It’s not my favorite method, but it works!

How to clean white leather sneakers

1) With white toothpaste: after cleaning the soles and removing any residues from the upper, apply a small amount of toothpaste to the stains and brush gently for a few seconds. Do not use colored products, I recommend! Then use a damp microfibre cloth to remove the toothpaste. Let the sneakers dry away from direct light.

2) With cleansing milk / moisturizing fat cream: it is your favorite make-up remover or the Nivea hidden in the bathroom since 1999 does not matter, any product of this type nourishes the skin and can help you remove some not too insistent stains. It is my favorite method for damage prevention, and it also works on leather bags and sofas!

3) With bicarbonate: the method is the same as described for white canvas shoes, but instead of aggressive rinsing in the washing machine you have to use a microfibre cloth to remove the excess product. Never wash the leather sneakers in the washing machine at home, even if I suspect my mother does it without problems.

4) Magic sponge: just her, the same one you use to clean the stains on the walls! Just moisten it and rub it on the area to be treated, it works divinely on the soles but does a good job even on the leather upper of my white sneakers.

5) Shampoo for shoes: is a foam suitable for both suede and normal, you buy from the shoemaker or in shops like Pittarosso and exists both colored and neutral. It is not a natural remedy, but it works and it is good to always have a handy package.

6) Prevention: you know, prevention is better than cure! If you have bought particularly delicate shoes, buy a protective spray as well, to help you minimize signs of wear and tear on the city.

Now you’re an expert too and you know how to clean white sneakers better than me: do you have any other advice to add to my list? Write it in the comments, I will update the post with your tips.

Lace White Ballerinas – Low cost ballerina outfit

H & M lace white ballerinas – Low cost ballerinas outfit

When I saw these white lace dancers from H & M I shared them in the Stories of Instagram, which I often do when something catches my attention in stores.

The comments, as usual when it comes to dancers, were clear: someone has loved them at first glance, others have filled them with insults.

And I bought them!

In recent years my passion for dancers has gone into the background, and I gave more often to sneakers to stay comfortable; but since I wore the fabric model of Walter Calzature in New York, love has exploded (again), and the crowning has been the purchase of these white lace dancers.

I chose them because they are delicate and light, perfect even in summer but more suited to spring and the change of season we are facing these days: when I start in September I feel the need to store flat sandals and flip-flops, and I like to get used to the foot to wear the closed shoes again by choosing comfortable and flexible models.

My white lace ballerina shoes are from H & M, a brand that does not shine for the quality of the footwear industry, but over the years I have often bought this type of shoes, and I have always felt good: they are very light, comfortable from the first use, and they have a good duration.

The price is really interesting, as they rarely exceed 15 euros, and these cost me just 9.99 euros.

As for the matching proposals for white dancers, we must remember to add a detail of character to soften a bit ‘the romantic and charming aspect of white lace: I did it with jeans, a boyfriend model with discreet tears along the leg.

I replicated the look with a white t shirt simpler than the top off the shoulders I wear in these photos, and I must say that I appreciate both solutions: as long as I allow it I intend to continue to discover the shoulders, then I will go to the shirt half-sleeved with my beloved leather jackets on top, and then the time will come to replace the dancers and go to the boots, but that’s another story.

FASHION TIP – These white lace dancers are a great treat for weddings in September: if you marry and you want your bridesmaids do not suffer too much because of the heels, you can give them on their wedding day, so they can wear them after the ceremony in the following days, continuing to relive the romantic spirit of your special day. Minimum spending, delicious gift!

Low cost Scottish shoes – High-heeled tartan decollete

Low cost Scottish shoes – High-heeled tartan decollete

The tartan fantasy is one of those that in winter are always in fashion, that’s why today I propose you a nice pair of low cost Scottish shoes .

Sometimes playing with colored prints and details can be complicated, but fortunately there are accessories, trusted friends that allow us to dare without risking overdoing it; is the case of these tartan decollete in shades of red, just looking at them I have created different types of outfits, suitable for different contexts.

The silhouette is very balanced, the 10 cm heel is in balance with the short toe parade, and the Scottish fantasy despite being showy is not too intrusive.

These Scottish decollete are available in the fit 36-40, and as I told you in the title are low cost , cost only 28 euros!

At the site the fit is reported as “regular”, in the case of half-size or wide feet I suggest you buy the larger size, because these low-cost models often have a complicated, rather tight fit.

As you can imagine they are imported shoes, the quality of the products sold on the Alexoo site, in which I saw them, is average, but for this figure you can not expect the Italian craft tradition, which I always recommend when it comes to important shoes, which you want to use for years.

But in the case of trendy shoes , maybe slightly away from our style, you can very well bet on low cost, maybe even to see if you can exploit a flashy fantasy like this, before buying a model of higher quality, which will inevitably also be more expensive.

First I mentioned the outfit ideas with scottish shoes : as soon as I saw this model I imagined it with a black skirt and a thin red sweater; then with a pencil skirt to the knee combined with a light blouse, and again with leather pants and a wide and enveloping cream-colored pullover. Then there is always the jeans option, but with the tartan I like to create a more casual look, especially if the shoe has a very high heel.