Elastic ankle boots with purple sock

Elastic ankle boots with purple sock – Le Walterine Walter Footwear

The elasticated ankle boots are one of the most popular trends of the moment, I could not give up?

I had to give up, especially now that I finally found the perfect model for my needs, trendy and eye-catching, but perfect in lines.

The stretch boots and the sock booties are a hybrid of nylon heeled shoes and socks, they wrap the leg in an elegant and sensual way and the figure is very slender; they are back in fashion for a couple of seasons, but it is in the winter of 2018/2019 that they will explode everywhere, becoming absolute must-haves for the coldest months of the year.

Once again, fashion offers us a wearable and practical trend, as well as being very fun to combine with our usual style.

The stretch boots like them because they manage to defuse and seduce at the same time, and are among the few fashion shoes that positively affect both women and men: it seemed an impossible mission, instead it was enough to raise the heels and wrap the legs!

If you can not stand the boots that are not on when you wear them for more than ten minutes, socks booties are the ideal solution for you: just wear them to forget you have them at your feet and you can wear them both with nothing but nylon underneath; they will remain in their place, faithful companions of daily adventures.

The elasticated cuissardes boots can be challenging, which is why the sock-boot with high heel and the toe is the best to catch on in winter 2018 2019? Easy to match, this model has conquered even the most skeptical, including me!

The second skin effect stretch ankle boots have become an obsession of mine since I saw them on the catwalk, but as often happens I decided to wait to give in to the trend, because I did not like the shapes too exasperated in the shoes. sought.

Then I saw this model of Le Walterine, in ultraviolet stretch fabric, with a pointed toe and high heel, and I immediately realized that I had found the perfect proposal: fashionable, colorful, fun, but absolutely wearable even with everyday outfits.

I wore them, I looked at myself in the mirror, and I saw a cheeky but elegant shoe, able to bandage the ankles to perfection, emphasizing the curves of the foot without excess: impossible to resist, impossible!

I had some difficulty only in the choice of color, because the same model is also available in fire red, black, and lurex, as well as in total black faux leather: you know I promised to give me a multicolor winter, so I put part of the black stretch boot, which is still very elegant, but the choice between red and purple has been quite complex.

I’m one more beautiful than the other, do not you find?

Among other things, in the front part of the upper there are no annoying or anti-aesthetic stitching, so they adhere perfectly to the foot, without creating folds or marks, they are really fantastic.

On Walter Calzature’s website there are also other models of sock effect elastic boots , with different heel shapes, there really is something for everyone.

To emphasize the shape and the bright color of my stretched boots I have combined them with a dress with a deep slit that uncovers the legs; the result is a futuristic look perfect for the evening, to dare with style and with one of the funniest trends of the moment.

But the stretch boots are suitable for different combinations , both with skirts and dresses, jeans and trousers: whatever your choice, remember to make them protagonists, opting for clothes that discover the ankles, wrapped up by your wonderful sock booties.

Go-ahead with mini skirts and knee-length models, but also with men-inspired trousers, turned up at the ankle: the light-hearted allure of these ankle boots is ideal for lightening outfits that are too severe, adding an unexpected touch of color.

Dare and you’ll see that you too will not be able to do without it in winter, since besides being comfortable to wear, being so adherent also keep warmer than traditional ankle boots, more open at the ankle.

The stretch boots are the perfect shoes for the winter 2018 2019, you just have to choose your model of the heart.

shoes and ankle boots Fall / Winter 2018/2019

Alberto Gozzi 2018: shoes and ankle boots Fall / Winter 2018/2019

The Alberto Gozzi shoes collection for winter 2018/2019 will please those who share with me the passion for colored shoes, to wear even in cold seasons, in those days when the reliable black can not satisfy our desire to play with fashion.

These proposals are proof that you can play with the darker shades of trendy colors, combining them with ankle boots, boots and ultra chic decollete, with a refined and glamorous design.

The brand blends tradition and avant-garde, Made in Italy quality comes to life on shoes of character, contemporary and comfortable; the 80 steps required to create the Alberto Gozzi models make them comfortable and long-lasting.

The winter collection by Alberto Gozzi is made up of high-heeled models and elegant, more comfortable proposals, there is really a lot of choice to dress your feet in style even in winter.

I chose to introduce you to it because I like how it reflects the trends of the season, but without being completely enslaved: sometimes just a detail to make a very trendy shoe eternal, and is the case of all these models, wearable today and always.

Alberto Gozzi Winter 2018/2019: photos and prices

Boot in crocodile-effect leather and stretch fabric, without heel but gritty (508 Euro):

Chelsea boots in python print leather and hammered red lacquered heel, 388 Euro:

This multicolor ankle boot with geometric purple heel (388 Euro) is also echoed:



Ankle boots in blue velvet (also available in black) with parade tip, kitten heel and maxi bow (288 Euro):

Same silhouette, but higher heel, for this black stretch suede ankle boot (398 Euro):

Boot in blue leather, a stratospheric color in my opinion. And I also really like the toe parade matched with the wide heel, an unusual but successful choice. This model, also available in black, can also be worn soft in the calf area (488 Euro):

The same wide heel was also mounted on this beautiful python-print leather pumps, with broche jewel positioned on the generous neckline (348 Euro):

On the other hand, the thinner heel of this pump in black leather, with precious decoration (338 Euro):

If at the heel you prefer the comfort of the dancers, here is a precious proposal in bronze leather with jewel inserts; this model is also available in black and costs 368 euros:

I finish my selection with the wide-heeled ankle boot that won me over immediately, positioning itself on the podium of my favorite models along with the blue boot and the ottoman decollete; made of ultra violet leather, it is decorated with a black chain with blue inserts. The flared heel of vintage inspiration makes it casual and comfortable.

The same design is also available in terracotta-colored leather (468 Euro):

What is your favorite Alberto Gozzi model?

How to combine the Texan boots without looking like a cowgirl!

How to combine the Texan boots without looking like a cowgirl!

look for Texan boots

Who loves them and takes them every year, regardless of trends, already knows how to combine the Texan boots without creating a rodeo look, but since they are back in fashion I thought about writing an updated guide for those who have been fascinated by these shoes after having seen them on the catwalks of brands like Christian Dior and Fendi.

The main features of the Texan boots are the heels with the unmistakable oblique shape, the wide and decorated leg, and the parade tip, all details that make them very showy and showy.

But not for this difficult to combine!

In the proposals for the winter 2018 the shape of the heel remains unchanged, but Fendi has proposed higher than usual, sanctioning the end of the cowboy boot from rodeo, and the advent of the Texan worthy of Rodeo Drive, as Vogue rightly pointed out : a boot more refined, feminine but still of sure impact.

The combinations are born accordingly: forget all that is part of the world of cowboys, and jump into the saddle to find out how to combine the Texan boots in 2018!

how to combine the Texan boots


How to combine the Texan boots

The easiest way to combine them is to consider them as normal ankle boots, wearing them with cigarette pants and jeans that uncover the ankle: no absolute and exhaustive to the looks that include the pants tucked into the boots, yes instead to flared cuts at the bottom, then wider covering part of the quarter.

But the trend of the moment wants Texans combined with vintage-inspired ladylike looks: full skirts and bon ton blouses, tight knit dresses, collegiate mini-skirts and little girls, all cries to a return to a free femininity to express themselves through strong contrasts and unexpected outfits.

So Fendi presented them, and they were dressed in the same way as the guests invited to the fashion show: the idea is to uproot the Texan boot from its usual context, to give it new lifeblood.

This is why the Texans will depopulate in the next few months, the outfits to match them already exist, the boots will make them contemporary and ultra glam, in the face of those who turn their nose in front of every slight change in the silhouette of the shoes.

If the desire to amaze is so great, dares to the end, and wear the black satin boots by Fendi with a shiny mini dress for a night out: you’ll be amazing!

How to widen the patent leather shoes

How to widen patent leather shoes – Louboutin-proof remedies!

Every time I publish photos of my Louboutin, someone writes me to understand how to enlarge the shoes in paint , especially those with the red sole, sensual and terrible at the same time.

Unfortunately, it is a grueling war, and must be fought with the right weapons: the holy patience, a hair dryer, thick socks, a spray shoe spread, and maybe even a friend to lend her shoes.

I’m not joking, it’s been years since my mother used me to wear her new decollete before she did it, and even though my foot is thinner than her, she says that the difference is felt, so she also evaluates this option; maybe you could invite all the friends with the same size to your home, and cuddle them with masks and chatter while playing Barbie with your shoes on your feet!

How to enlarge shoes in patent leather – infallible remedies

Widening shoes in paint is not impossible, but it is complicated, because this material is stiff and lacquered; specifically that used by Louboutin is one of the most motionless I’ve ever seen: the bright side is that the tip of the shoes does not mark where it bends when you walk, the negative is inside those So Kate to scream there is often a foot crying in silence.

To avoid not wearing them, buy the right size: widening and softening shoes in paint is a war that you can win, lengthen it is unthinkable for me too.

For several years now, there have been sprays of shoes made specifically to soften the skin: I preferred the old style ones, which created a mousse in the shoe, in which you then had to put the foot / the shapes for a few hours. Today these products have a liquid formulation, they are watery and unfortunately less effective than the previous ones: try them, but do not expect great things.

You buy in supermarkets and cost a few euros, I always recommend to keep a pack in the shoe rack, because in life you never know.

The best remedy to widen the shoes in paint is the oldest and anti-aesthetic, as well as painful: wear the decollete with one or more thick socks, for a few minutes a day, up to an hour or two.

The socks create volume, so it’s like a foot wider than your shoe.

To help the skin give up you can also use the spray inside the decollete, and pass the hot hair dryer on your feet for a few minutes: the heat helps, but still does not work miracles.

Instead, the idea of ​​putting shoes in the freezer with bags of ice water inside is overrated; uncomfortable, not very functional and vaguely anti-hygienic.

Another option is to bring your shoes to your shoemaker, asking them to keep them in shape for a few days: it is a formidable remedy for skin and suede, but maybe you can try to use it with all the others for the paint too.

Review of my jeweled sandals without heels

Review of my jeweled sandals without heels

A low-cost brand is catching on, and it will not surprise you that it also came in my shoe rack.

Usually I do not like wearing sandals that completely uncover the foot, but when I saw this jewel model with a strap on the heel I lost my head; I tried it, and put it back, but I kept thinking about it.

I thought about it, rethought again, and after the trip to Provence taking advantage of the sales I finally gave up: needless to say that since I bought these Gold & Gold shoes I never stopped wearing them, if you follow me on Instagram you already know, since they appeared often in my stories .

I took them with me on vacation, along with other shoes, but in the end I always wore these, because they are comfortable and match everything!

Most Gold & Gold shoes are made of leather, my sandals have a leather sole but the straps are made of golden faux leather; I found them practical and quite comfortable since the first use, the list that holds the big toe and the back give the right stability to the foot, which remains firm in place.

Despite the great heat of recent weeks I had no problems with the inner sole, made of regenerated leather, then an artificial material: I have delicate feet, and sometimes if the shoe is not flexible enough I fill with painful blisters under the sole of the foot , but it never happened with these sandals.

The jewelwork that decorates part of the foot is well done, the presence of multi-colored stones conquered me immediately because it made the sandals versatile and easy to wear with all my summer looks; I noticed that I lost a couple of glitter of the decoration, but considering that I mistreated the sandals both in the suitcase and when I put them on, I would say it’s not a surprise.

Speaking of suitcase, I took these photos in Puglia, after drinking a delicious Spritz at sunset, a few meters from the beach: I returned home a few days, but I already miss the sea! The lake is beautiful, but it is not the same thing.

Returning to the Gold & Gold shoes, I am convinced that this brand will give us satisfaction in the future, although in my opinion the summer collections are much more appealing than the winter ones, both in terms of footwear design and a glamorous imprint on ankle boots and closed models.

Gold & Gold, however, remains a low cost shoe brand with an excellent quality / price ratio, I suggest you keep this in mind for your purchases because the products are valid.

The red fire over-the-knee

Fendi red boots: the fire red overtheknee signed by Barca

If you’ve been hunting for a pair of Fendi red boots since last year, inspired by those cuissards that have conquered everyone as soon as they appeared on the catwalk, now you can relax, because I finally found them.

The price of these dupes is not derisory, but they do not even cost more than 1000 euros like the originals!

But before talking about figures, let’s take a good look at the red Fendi-like boots proposed by the Barca brand for winter 2018-2019:

The shape is very reminiscent of the original boots, which have been so successful thanks to the perfect balance between strong and decisive aesthetic impact and a refined silhouette, without excess.

(On the left Fendi, on the right Boat)

In the Rockoko model, the original Fendi, the stiletto heel of 9 centimeters is well balanced at the short toe parade, and from a first glance it seems that even the boot Barca has maintained the same characteristics; the tip appears slightly more elongated, but it could be an effect of the photos, also due to the absence of shots in which the boots appear worn.

Except for this detail, these red boots similar to Fendi really seem a perfect copy of the original: the bright red lacquered, the inserts in elastic fabric that characterized the collection of the famous brand of the last Roman brand, the upper that goes over the knee, not nothing really is missing.

Also the proposal of Barca is made of genuine leather and has a leather sole. The stretch fabric leg provides a perfect fit to the leg, even if the risk is that it can mark it: once again I am surprised by the lack of photos of the shoes worn, now they should be present in any site and commerce.

The red boots similar to Fendi cost 179.00 euros, the original Rockoko skim 1200 euros: not bad as dupes! The Barca proposal is available in the 35-40 fit.

If you want to give you the thrill of an unusual and very glamorous shoe but you’re afraid of not being able to create suitable outfits, copy Fendi again: despite the boots were so cheeky, the show was really refined and chic, and you can be too you, just take a cue from the games of colors and proportions designed by the house.

The most chic shoe of winter 2018

Decollete Tinada René Caovilla – Satin jeweled shoes

It is from a roll of shining black satin that the Tinada René Caovilla decollete was born, among the most fascinating shoes of the collection created for the winter 2018 by the Veneto brand.

I like to think that unrolling the fabric has freed the inspiration, who immediately imagined a splendid Orsay decollete made of black satin, one of the most sensual fabrics available to a master of footwear, because he wears his foot very lightly, without weighing it down.

This is how the idea of ​​Tinada came to life, an evening shoe that seems to have just come out of a book of fables, so perfect is it in its immutable elegance.

It is beautiful today, but it will be also tomorrow, like the woman who will put it on, putting the foot in the parade tip, gently moving the rhinestones, two comets that delicately decorate the ends.

The bow of rhinestones and crystals pinned on the upper is the beating heart of the star, a deliberately charming detail that embellishes an already perfect basic shoe.

The decollete Tinada René Caovilla have a thin 11 cm heel in balance with the slightly sharp and low-cut point, sensual but without any particular stylistic excesses.

To make this extraordinary creation even more special, the glitter sole, which has now become a signature of the René Caovilla brand, together with the ability to mix modern and appealing jewelery inserts and silhouettes.

Tinada is the ideal decollete to embellish a simple and elegant look, suitable for the evening, but it can be combined with more casual outfits, to which add a touch of magic that is difficult to replicate with other accessories.

Surprising the absence of a second version in white satin, suitable for brides, but it is a choice that maintains the exclusivity of a delightful design, which for this season will satisfy the hunger for beauty of a few lucky ones.

The Tinada René Caovilla decollete are already on sale on the official website of the brand and in boutiques, costing 865 euros and are available in sizes 35-40.