Conditions for a loan

Regardless of which bank or credit facility is involved: each of them has the obligation to find the solvency of the customer . To get a loan, you should:

  • You are in a financial situation that allows you to repay the amount paid: we require a minimum income of 2’900 SFr. monthly, but it also depends on the client’s budget (rent, insurance, child allowances, …)
  • Do not have any debt collection or delivery slips

Conditions regarding your nationality

In Switzerland, foreigners holding a work permit can also apply for a loan. This depends on the type of residence permit. A minimum working time is required:

  • Swiss: at least 3 months
  • Grant C: 3 months at least
  • Grant B: 6 months at least
  • Grant G: 4 months at least
  • Legitimization card : 3 months at least, depending on the validity of the card.

Conditions regarding the type of employment

To apply for a loan, not only the conditions regarding your nationality play a role, but also the type of employment they occupy:

  • Are you an employee ? No special conditions
  • Are you part-time employee ? The bank may require additional documents (3 recent salary transfers)
  • Are you independent ? Then you should send your personal disclaimer to apply for a personal loan and be independent for at least 2 years
  • Are you AHV pensioner ? No special conditions
  • Are you an IV retiree ? No special conditions

General credit conditions

In addition, we also require general conditions for applying for a loan, as well as:

  • Age: the customer must be 18 years old. By law, you should have repaid the loan at age 70. However, it is usually difficult to get a loan over the age of 65 years.
  • Financial situation: depending on whether children are involved, this will affect your budget and your requirements.

Inquire early!

In any case, you should inquire well when it comes to money matters. Since every loan request is registered at the head office, you should not unnecessarily make a loan application. Therefore, you should think twice, and then call our loan company for further questions loan loans . If you need further information regarding the conditions for loans in Switzerland, do not hesitate to contact us.