Elastic ankle boots with purple sock

Elastic ankle boots with purple sock – Le Walterine Walter Footwear

The elasticated ankle boots are one of the most popular trends of the moment, I could not give up?

I had to give up, especially now that I finally found the perfect model for my needs, trendy and eye-catching, but perfect in lines.

The stretch boots and the sock booties are a hybrid of nylon heeled shoes and socks, they wrap the leg in an elegant and sensual way and the figure is very slender; they are back in fashion for a couple of seasons, but it is in the winter of 2018/2019 that they will explode everywhere, becoming absolute must-haves for the coldest months of the year.

Once again, fashion offers us a wearable and practical trend, as well as being very fun to combine with our usual style.

The stretch boots like them because they manage to defuse and seduce at the same time, and are among the few fashion shoes that positively affect both women and men: it seemed an impossible mission, instead it was enough to raise the heels and wrap the legs!

If you can not stand the boots that are not on when you wear them for more than ten minutes, socks booties are the ideal solution for you: just wear them to forget you have them at your feet and you can wear them both with nothing but nylon underneath; they will remain in their place, faithful companions of daily adventures.

The elasticated cuissardes boots can be challenging, which is why the sock-boot with high heel and the toe is the best to catch on in winter 2018 2019? Easy to match, this model has conquered even the most skeptical, including me!

The second skin effect stretch ankle boots have become an obsession of mine since I saw them on the catwalk, but as often happens I decided to wait to give in to the trend, because I did not like the shapes too exasperated in the shoes. sought.

Then I saw this model of Le Walterine, in ultraviolet stretch fabric, with a pointed toe and high heel, and I immediately realized that I had found the perfect proposal: fashionable, colorful, fun, but absolutely wearable even with everyday outfits.

I wore them, I looked at myself in the mirror, and I saw a cheeky but elegant shoe, able to bandage the ankles to perfection, emphasizing the curves of the foot without excess: impossible to resist, impossible!

I had some difficulty only in the choice of color, because the same model is also available in fire red, black, and lurex, as well as in total black faux leather: you know I promised to give me a multicolor winter, so I put part of the black stretch boot, which is still very elegant, but the choice between red and purple has been quite complex.

I’m one more beautiful than the other, do not you find?

Among other things, in the front part of the upper there are no annoying or anti-aesthetic stitching, so they adhere perfectly to the foot, without creating folds or marks, they are really fantastic.

On Walter Calzature’s website there are also other models of sock effect elastic boots , with different heel shapes, there really is something for everyone.

To emphasize the shape and the bright color of my stretched boots I have combined them with a dress with a deep slit that uncovers the legs; the result is a futuristic look perfect for the evening, to dare with style and with one of the funniest trends of the moment.

But the stretch boots are suitable for different combinations , both with skirts and dresses, jeans and trousers: whatever your choice, remember to make them protagonists, opting for clothes that discover the ankles, wrapped up by your wonderful sock booties.

Go-ahead with mini skirts and knee-length models, but also with men-inspired trousers, turned up at the ankle: the light-hearted allure of these ankle boots is ideal for lightening outfits that are too severe, adding an unexpected touch of color.

Dare and you’ll see that you too will not be able to do without it in winter, since besides being comfortable to wear, being so adherent also keep warmer than traditional ankle boots, more open at the ankle.

The stretch boots are the perfect shoes for the winter 2018 2019, you just have to choose your model of the heart.