How to combine the Texan boots without looking like a cowgirl!

How to combine the Texan boots without looking like a cowgirl!

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Who loves them and takes them every year, regardless of trends, already knows how to combine the Texan boots without creating a rodeo look, but since they are back in fashion I thought about writing an updated guide for those who have been fascinated by these shoes after having seen them on the catwalks of brands like Christian Dior and Fendi.

The main features of the Texan boots are the heels with the unmistakable oblique shape, the wide and decorated leg, and the parade tip, all details that make them very showy and showy.

But not for this difficult to combine!

In the proposals for the winter 2018 the shape of the heel remains unchanged, but Fendi has proposed higher than usual, sanctioning the end of the cowboy boot from rodeo, and the advent of the Texan worthy of Rodeo Drive, as Vogue rightly pointed out : a boot more refined, feminine but still of sure impact.

The combinations are born accordingly: forget all that is part of the world of cowboys, and jump into the saddle to find out how to combine the Texan boots in 2018!

how to combine the Texan boots


How to combine the Texan boots

The easiest way to combine them is to consider them as normal ankle boots, wearing them with cigarette pants and jeans that uncover the ankle: no absolute and exhaustive to the looks that include the pants tucked into the boots, yes instead to flared cuts at the bottom, then wider covering part of the quarter.

But the trend of the moment wants Texans combined with vintage-inspired ladylike looks: full skirts and bon ton blouses, tight knit dresses, collegiate mini-skirts and little girls, all cries to a return to a free femininity to express themselves through strong contrasts and unexpected outfits.

So Fendi presented them, and they were dressed in the same way as the guests invited to the fashion show: the idea is to uproot the Texan boot from its usual context, to give it new lifeblood.

This is why the Texans will depopulate in the next few months, the outfits to match them already exist, the boots will make them contemporary and ultra glam, in the face of those who turn their nose in front of every slight change in the silhouette of the shoes.

If the desire to amaze is so great, dares to the end, and wear the black satin boots by Fendi with a shiny mini dress for a night out: you’ll be amazing!