How to widen the patent leather shoes

How to widen patent leather shoes – Louboutin-proof remedies!

Every time I publish photos of my Louboutin, someone writes me to understand how to enlarge the shoes in paint , especially those with the red sole, sensual and terrible at the same time.

Unfortunately, it is a grueling war, and must be fought with the right weapons: the holy patience, a hair dryer, thick socks, a spray shoe spread, and maybe even a friend to lend her shoes.

I’m not joking, it’s been years since my mother used me to wear her new decollete before she did it, and even though my foot is thinner than her, she says that the difference is felt, so she also evaluates this option; maybe you could invite all the friends with the same size to your home, and cuddle them with masks and chatter while playing Barbie with your shoes on your feet!

How to enlarge shoes in patent leather – infallible remedies

Widening shoes in paint is not impossible, but it is complicated, because this material is stiff and lacquered; specifically that used by Louboutin is one of the most motionless I’ve ever seen: the bright side is that the tip of the shoes does not mark where it bends when you walk, the negative is inside those So Kate to scream there is often a foot crying in silence.

To avoid not wearing them, buy the right size: widening and softening shoes in paint is a war that you can win, lengthen it is unthinkable for me too.

For several years now, there have been sprays of shoes made specifically to soften the skin: I preferred the old style ones, which created a mousse in the shoe, in which you then had to put the foot / the shapes for a few hours. Today these products have a liquid formulation, they are watery and unfortunately less effective than the previous ones: try them, but do not expect great things.

You buy in supermarkets and cost a few euros, I always recommend to keep a pack in the shoe rack, because in life you never know.

The best remedy to widen the shoes in paint is the oldest and anti-aesthetic, as well as painful: wear the decollete with one or more thick socks, for a few minutes a day, up to an hour or two.

The socks create volume, so it’s like a foot wider than your shoe.

To help the skin give up you can also use the spray inside the decollete, and pass the hot hair dryer on your feet for a few minutes: the heat helps, but still does not work miracles.

Instead, the idea of ​​putting shoes in the freezer with bags of ice water inside is overrated; uncomfortable, not very functional and vaguely anti-hygienic.

Another option is to bring your shoes to your shoemaker, asking them to keep them in shape for a few days: it is a formidable remedy for skin and suede, but maybe you can try to use it with all the others for the paint too.