Metallic Heels: Outfit with full skirt

Metallic decollete Cesare Paciotti – Outfit with full skirt

Would you ever wear strawberry pink metallic decollete ?

I naturally yes.

The moment I put my feet in these shoes Cesare Paciotti for the first time, I felt them mine: you know that mysterious feeling that forces us to buy something, and is more powerful than the most convincing discount? Here, every model I add to my shoe collection has been pushed in there by this inexplicable force.

Building a coherent outfit starting with a pair of flashy metallic decollete like this is not easy, the most immediate solution is to combine them with basic garments in neutral tones, like jeans, black or white, but this year I promise to play more with my looks, and then I decided to wear them with other hints of color in the same shade of bright pink.

I have instead avoided any other metallic garment, because a chocolate effect accessory for chocolates is very glam, but two are already too many, even if in perfect combination: when you decide to wear a shoe that attracts attention (every day of my life, NDR), it is important to make it the protagonist of our look, complimenting it with garments that emphasize its beauty without prevailing it.

What makes this spectacular skirt to perfection that I ordered just before mid-August, after courting her for weeks on Instagram; It is sewn by hand, and as you can see it has the face of Frida Kahlo printed here and there.

I love the artist, and I love drawing, colored in the right place; to complete the look with simplicity I then chose a very linear strawberry pink t shirt, needless to say that I had forgotten to have bought it, and find it in the wardrobe was a pleasant surprise.

To conclude the outfit, I decided to play with the clutch of Frida Kahlo, but I plan to replicate the look by opting for my neutral bag by Rebecca Minkoff, a must have of my wardrobe for three years now.

Metallic decollete are always in trend, from season to season the metal look is repeated on clothes and accessories because its futuristic appearance and just above the lines fascinates and seduces the look, which remains enraptured by the colored glows emanating from leather and glossy fabrics.

Choosing a bright color, in a metal key, is a great way to elevate the simplest look without getting wrapped up in the bondage of metals like gold and silver, always complicated to handle when it comes to creating combinations with the hardware of bags, jewelery and belts .

Here then the metallized decollete are transformed into neutral shoes, to wear without thinking too much, to observe life through a pair of shiny lenses and maybe just pink.

Before leaving you to the details of my outfit, I want to share with you one of the phrases that I love most about Frida.

And I also want to confess a little secret: this concept is at the base of my online presence, in the blog, on social networks and on YouTube. I started as a game, but I continue to tell those who follow me that we are all strange in our way, and this is our strength!

” I used to think I was the strangest person in the world but then I thought, there are so many people in the world, there must be someone just like me, who feels bizarre and faulty the way I feel. I would like to imagine it, and imagine that you must be out there and that you are thinking of me too. Well, I hope that if you’re out there and you have to read this, you know that yes, it’s true, I’m here and I’m weird just like you. “

(Frida Kahlo)