how to combine the craziest shoes of the month!

Deceptive iridescent Alexoo: how to combine the craziest shoes of the month!

The iridescent Alexoo decollete are my crazy obsession of the moment: they cost less than 30 Euros, the colors are incredible and are the classic crazy shoes that solve the outfit dilemma in a moment.

And then they are good for the mood, and this is not a little.

My first purchase on the Alexoo site dates back to last year, although the shoes are low cost quality not exceptional I found myself well, and I often recommend this platform for unwilling purchases to pamper even when the budget is reduced.

The prices are really very low, and the proposed models are trendy at the right point.

These iridescent decollete are not exactly everyday shoes, which is why spending little is the wisest and most satisfying choice; the price is 29 euros and are available from size 36 to size 41.

They are made of fake reptile print leather, the fit is regular.

But how do they match?

When we are dealing with shoes so showy, both in shape and color, a changing blue that takes on shades of green, you have to keep the rest of the look simple: there is no decollete that can not be combined with a total black monochrome look , white, but also blue, given the shades of this model.

To make them protagonists opt for clothes that discover a few inches ankle: pleated skirt, culottes, boyfriend jeans a bit ‘wide, the choice is huge!

Set aside garments with rips, gaudy embroideries, decorations and overly flashy inserts, and focus on simplicity; sometimes we seem to forget about how nice it is to prefer clean lines and sober combinations to more creative but also much more confusing outfits.

It’s also the best way to let our passion for shoes speak in the most chic way, without using words: that’s how in life I meet other fans, you know? We look at each other’s feet and in a moment the conversation starts, which is often surreal and a bit crazy for the others!

Difference between a loan and a credit

Although its purpose is the same, its operation of a loan and a loan has some differences that should be known.

Banks are specialized in providing financing to their clients and, among the different options offered in the market, loans and credit lines are two of the most used products by both regular customers and companies. However, sometimes there is no difference between a loan and a credit when, in fact, they involve different ways of accessing the financing we need.

The most relevant difference for the client is that, while a loan accesses all the money requested at one time at the time the loan is granted, in a loan that money can be requested depending on the needs of the client. let’s have. In a simple example, when we get a loan we ‘break’ the bank and get all the money we need; and in a different way, with a loan, we are taking out money little by little, only when we have to dispose of it and without using all the available money.

The way to access money also determines the interest that is paid. The difference between a loan and a loan here, is that while in the first interest is paid for all the capital they have lent us; On the contrary, in a loan, interest is paid for the money that we have used, not for the total money that the bank has made available to us, although there may be an unpaid balance commission, that is, money that is not available. we used.

In addition, with regard to the repayment term, there are also differences between loans and credits. Loans have a longer term, usually years, so they also have higher interest rates.

A loan and a credit also differ in the way in which the client returns the money he has received. In the loan, once all the principal has been amortized through the payment of the monthly installments, the transaction is closed without the possibility of accessing more money, unless a new loan is formalized. The credit works in a contrary way, usually, it is renewed every year to continue allowing the client to use that line of financing when he needs it. For example, one way to access a line of credit is to purchase a credit card.

It is important to note that although they make a certain amount of capital available to the client, the difference in the mechanics between loans and credits makes them suitable for different situations: loans are more useful when an important purchase is made or a quantity of money is needed that we know in advance, while the credit works as a punctual support for expenses to which we do not arrive in a normal way.

Quick payday loans XXL: what companies lend more money?

Requesting instant cash payday loans can be a good solution to deal with specific setbacks such as the payment of fines or receipts. However, the amount that we can get thanks to these products is relatively low, so we can be short of money even with your help. Fortunately, there are companies that can lend us more important amounts, up to € 900, so that we can solve certain emergency situations without problems.

The fastest mini-credits of the highest amount

Most companies that grant mini quick loans usually do not offer more than € 600 to their customers.

These companies will only lend us the maximum amount if we have already requested a fast mini credit beforehand and we have returned it within the deadline. If we are new customers, we can get a maximum of € 300, although we can also enjoy other benefits. For example, we offer a 50% discount to new applicants.

How to get mini quick loans in less than 15 minutes

If we ask for cash loans ☎ Green-Touch ( ˘⊖˘) it is to be able to dispose of the money as soon as possible. To receive the deposit in less than 15 minutes, we must take into account these 5 keys:

  1. Make our request within the working hours of the lender: this way we will receive a response almost instantly. Otherwise, we will not know if you have accepted our request until the next business day.
  2. Do not request more money than we can return: the company will deny our request if it considers that we are asking for an amount that we can not return with our income level.
  3. Fill the form well and send the required documentation: any error in the procedures will force us to repeat them and we will lose time.
  4. Ask for quick mini loans to more than one company: this way we will increase the possibilities of concession and, if more than one lender accepts our request, we can choose the cheapest offer.
  5. Make sure you have a checking account in a bank with which the lender works. Thus, we will receive the deposit in less than 15 minutes. Otherwise, the transfer of the fast mini credit could take up to 48 hours to arrive.

Responsible use of mini credits instantly

Mini fast loans are products designed to deal with emergency situations such as the payment of bills or fines or the repair of domestic breakdowns. Its price is usually higher than the other credits, so it is not advisable to use them as a normal means of financing. In addition, we must remember that if we are unable to reimburse them within the agreed time, we will have to pay very high late payment interest and we run the risk of ending up in a debt spiral from which it can be very difficult to leave.