Review of my jeweled sandals without heels

Review of my jeweled sandals without heels

A low-cost brand is catching on, and it will not surprise you that it also came in my shoe rack.

Usually I do not like wearing sandals that completely uncover the foot, but when I saw this jewel model with a strap on the heel I lost my head; I tried it, and put it back, but I kept thinking about it.

I thought about it, rethought again, and after the trip to Provence taking advantage of the sales I finally gave up: needless to say that since I bought these Gold & Gold shoes I never stopped wearing them, if you follow me on Instagram you already know, since they appeared often in my stories .

I took them with me on vacation, along with other shoes, but in the end I always wore these, because they are comfortable and match everything!

Most Gold & Gold shoes are made of leather, my sandals have a leather sole but the straps are made of golden faux leather; I found them practical and quite comfortable since the first use, the list that holds the big toe and the back give the right stability to the foot, which remains firm in place.

Despite the great heat of recent weeks I had no problems with the inner sole, made of regenerated leather, then an artificial material: I have delicate feet, and sometimes if the shoe is not flexible enough I fill with painful blisters under the sole of the foot , but it never happened with these sandals.

The jewelwork that decorates part of the foot is well done, the presence of multi-colored stones conquered me immediately because it made the sandals versatile and easy to wear with all my summer looks; I noticed that I lost a couple of glitter of the decoration, but considering that I mistreated the sandals both in the suitcase and when I put them on, I would say it’s not a surprise.

Speaking of suitcase, I took these photos in Puglia, after drinking a delicious Spritz at sunset, a few meters from the beach: I returned home a few days, but I already miss the sea! The lake is beautiful, but it is not the same thing.

Returning to the Gold & Gold shoes, I am convinced that this brand will give us satisfaction in the future, although in my opinion the summer collections are much more appealing than the winter ones, both in terms of footwear design and a glamorous imprint on ankle boots and closed models.

Gold & Gold, however, remains a low cost shoe brand with an excellent quality / price ratio, I suggest you keep this in mind for your purchases because the products are valid.