The most chic shoe of winter 2018

Decollete Tinada René Caovilla – Satin jeweled shoes

It is from a roll of shining black satin that the Tinada René Caovilla decollete was born, among the most fascinating shoes of the collection created for the winter 2018 by the Veneto brand.

I like to think that unrolling the fabric has freed the inspiration, who immediately imagined a splendid Orsay decollete made of black satin, one of the most sensual fabrics available to a master of footwear, because he wears his foot very lightly, without weighing it down.

This is how the idea of ‚Äč‚ÄčTinada came to life, an evening shoe that seems to have just come out of a book of fables, so perfect is it in its immutable elegance.

It is beautiful today, but it will be also tomorrow, like the woman who will put it on, putting the foot in the parade tip, gently moving the rhinestones, two comets that delicately decorate the ends.

The bow of rhinestones and crystals pinned on the upper is the beating heart of the star, a deliberately charming detail that embellishes an already perfect basic shoe.

The decollete Tinada René Caovilla have a thin 11 cm heel in balance with the slightly sharp and low-cut point, sensual but without any particular stylistic excesses.

To make this extraordinary creation even more special, the glitter sole, which has now become a signature of the René Caovilla brand, together with the ability to mix modern and appealing jewelery inserts and silhouettes.

Tinada is the ideal decollete to embellish a simple and elegant look, suitable for the evening, but it can be combined with more casual outfits, to which add a touch of magic that is difficult to replicate with other accessories.

Surprising the absence of a second version in white satin, suitable for brides, but it is a choice that maintains the exclusivity of a delightful design, which for this season will satisfy the hunger for beauty of a few lucky ones.

The Tinada René Caovilla decollete are already on sale on the official website of the brand and in boutiques, costing 865 euros and are available in sizes 35-40.