The red fire over-the-knee

Fendi red boots: the fire red overtheknee signed by Barca

If you’ve been hunting for a pair of Fendi red boots since last year, inspired by those cuissards that have conquered everyone as soon as they appeared on the catwalk, now you can relax, because I finally found them.

The price of these dupes is not derisory, but they do not even cost more than 1000 euros like the originals!

But before talking about figures, let’s take a good look at the red Fendi-like boots proposed by the Barca brand for winter 2018-2019:

The shape is very reminiscent of the original boots, which have been so successful thanks to the perfect balance between strong and decisive aesthetic impact and a refined silhouette, without excess.

(On the left Fendi, on the right Boat)

In the Rockoko model, the original Fendi, the stiletto heel of 9 centimeters is well balanced at the short toe parade, and from a first glance it seems that even the boot Barca has maintained the same characteristics; the tip appears slightly more elongated, but it could be an effect of the photos, also due to the absence of shots in which the boots appear worn.

Except for this detail, these red boots similar to Fendi really seem a perfect copy of the original: the bright red lacquered, the inserts in elastic fabric that characterized the collection of the famous brand of the last Roman brand, the upper that goes over the knee, not nothing really is missing.

Also the proposal of Barca is made of genuine leather and has a leather sole. The stretch fabric leg provides a perfect fit to the leg, even if the risk is that it can mark it: once again I am surprised by the lack of photos of the shoes worn, now they should be present in any site and commerce.

The red boots similar to Fendi cost 179.00 euros, the original Rockoko skim 1200 euros: not bad as dupes! The Barca proposal is available in the 35-40 fit.

If you want to give you the thrill of an unusual and very glamorous shoe but you’re afraid of not being able to create suitable outfits, copy Fendi again: despite the boots were so cheeky, the show was really refined and chic, and you can be too you, just take a cue from the games of colors and proportions designed by the house.