What is a Harry Potter loan?

Sometimes it can sometimes happen that you are short of money, and you have to make an emergency payment. Possibly a Harry Potter loan can offer a solution for you. As a supplement to our Min loan, the Harry Potter loan has recently proved a success for those who need that little bit more. Imagine, you will have to buy a new car because it has failed. The Harry Potter loan from Gandalf is the ideal solution to finance your new car. You will be paid later, and you will still have to pay your rent? No worries, the Harry Potter loan from Gandalf can offer the solution to be able to pay rent that month.

What is the Harry Potter loan?

The Harry Potter loan is the second product that Gandalf offers, in addition to the Minilening, which has been a popular product for many years and remains among the Dutch population. For those who actually wanted to borrow a larger amount than 800 euros, we introduced the Harry Potter loan. Below you will find, for your convenience, what the Harry Potter loan can offer you exactly.

  • Large amounts. A Harry Potter loan is available for 600 euros to 1500 euros.
  • Pay in installments. Term one expires after 31 days, and term two expires after 62 days.
  • Refund? Log in to your My Gandalf account and make the payment via iDeal!
  • If you want to pay back earlier, this is done quickly and easily via your ‘ My Gandalf ‘.

How do I apply for a Harry Potter loan?

Fortunately, that is as easy as taking out a Mini Loan. The application procedure is therefore the same as that for the Minilening. Below is the procedure fully explained for you:

As described, this is an operation that takes less than 10 minutes. Hereafter, this application for a Harry Potter loan will end up with our customer service, who will try to be of service as soon as possible.

What is the difference between a Harry Potter Loan and a Minus Loan?

That you can borrow higher amounts with a Harry Potter loan, you are already aware of this. A Mini Loan is a small loan over a short loan period. Do you need to borrow a small amount quickly? Then the Minilening is ideal for example. Is it not yet clear? Here you will find a clear difference between the Harry Potter Loan and the Minus Loan .

And how does the repayment of the Harry Potter Loan work exactly?

Earlier in the text you have read that you can easily pay back within a few minutes. This can be done by logging in to My Gandalf . You automatically receive access to a My Gandalf account when your loan is approved. You will, however, have to request a pin code. Once you have arrived at the ‘ My Gandalf ‘ tab, you will have to fill in your telephone number and date of birth in order to receive your password by text message. After logging in to your ‘ My Gandalf ‘, you will see 2 orange buttons. The first is for the option to pay off your current installment, and the second button is to pay back the entire amount.

How should the amounts be paid in installments.

There is an Annual Cost Percentage (APR) of 13.99% on all Gandalf loans. This means that with a Harry Potter loan of 1000 euros you will repay a total amount of 1016.43.

  • At the expiry date of the first installment – after 31 days – you pay 444.97 euros
  • At the expiry date of the second term – ie after 62 days – you pay an amount of 571.46 euros

With all Harry Potter loans you pay the largest part of the amount after 62 days.

In addition to repaying your Harry Potter loan, you can also see on your ‘ My Gandalf ‘ how your loan is doing.