With the help of a loan to the boat driver license

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Cruising the inland waters with your own boat or exploring the vastness of the sea: with the help of a boating license this is no problem. However, to complete this, usually a few hundred euros are needed, which is not necessarily always on the side. However, a loan can help here.

Boat license: variants

It is mainly decided between two different variants.

If you want to get a boat license, you first have to think about which variants are suitable: the Sportbootführerschein Binnen or the Sportführerschein See.

The inland driving license is necessary if you want to drive with a motorboat from 15 hp on the inland waters. In addition, the driving license entitles you to drive boats with a maximum length of 15 meters. Here you can choose between the single variant, motorized sailboat or motorboat. However, it is also feasible to combine both.

On the other hand, driving license of a sports boat with more than 15 hp at sea or on the coast is necessary due to the sports license See. The license is valid for motorized sailboats as well as motorboats.

Tip: If you want to navigate inland waters and lakes, for those who want to complete first the boat license lake. In this way, one avoids the boat license inland practice exam. The background to this is quite simple: those who get on with the boat at sea, they also creates in an inland water.

In addition to the two licenses mentioned above, there is also the option for advanced students to complete additional certificates upon request. This includes the Sportküstenschifferschein as well as the Sportseeschifferschein and the Sporthochseeschifferschein.


For the boat license should be some hundreds of euros available.

The completion of the boat license, and thus also the costs, are divided into three areas: theory, practice and testing. For the theoretical part, depending on which course is selected, about 100 to 200 euros have to be included here. The practical part is very different. Sometimes just one or two units are enough, while others need longer. Roughly estimated fall here about 100 to 300 euros. The exam fees beat with about 50 to 100 euros book.

Additional costs

For example, the purchase of a navigation kit falls to the other costs that have to be paid.

To the cost of the boat license, however, join here, additional costs. These apply regardless of the selected course. Thus, a medical certificate is needed that cost either nothing or up to 50 euros. In addition, a navigation cutlery is needed. For a purchase this will cost about 25 to 70 euros, if you borrow it, it is about five to 15 euros. However, there are also costs for the issuing of the boat license: about 15 euros have to be paid for this.

In addition, a Pyroschein is necessary for at least 100 euros incurred. Here it is important to note that the Pyro is mandatory. Since motorboats are generally equipped with distress signals, such as parachute missiles, the Pyroschein must also be completed.

Accordingly, the total costs incurred for a boat license inland or sea amount to approximately 310-835 euros.

Boat license: Requirements

It is important to fulfill certain requirements, such as a medical certificate.

However, to be able to complete a boating license, it is necessary to bring certain requirements. So you have to be at least 16 years old for this. In general, it is also feasible to complete the boating license three months before the birthday; the issuance of the note, however, takes place exactly on the day in question. If you are not yet of age, the consent of a parent or guardian is required; only then can the boating license be carried out in advance.

In addition to a current passport photo you also need a copy of the driver’s license. Under 18 years this requirement is eliminated. On the other hand, anyone who is of legal age and does not hold a driver’s license needs instead a police certificate of good conduct. In addition, a medical certificate is needed.

Validity abroad

The boat license Binnen and the boat license See is valid worldwide.

The boat license is valid not only within Germany, but on a worldwide level, as it contains the United Nations International Certificate . Accordingly, it is therefore also readily possible to drive on holiday, the various inland waters or the sea.

Since 2018 the boat license has been issued in check card format.


A classic installment loan helps to finance the desired boat license.

The boat license is easy and quick to finance with the help of a loan. For this purpose, the classic installment loan , which is awarded by the banks without a specific purpose.


Before accepting a loan offer, however, it is highly recommended to compare the various offers from the banks well in advance. Because these can differ quite clearly from each other. If you compare the interest rates well here, you can save a lot on your account.

Very well comparable are the respective loan offers in terms of the APR, since this already includes all fees, which is not the case with the nominal interest rate . It is also advisable to pay attention to whether and, if so, which, special services the different banks offer. For example, it is possible to agree in the loan agreement to suspend an emergency monthly rate, a variable repayment rate and / or the possibility of special repayments.

With the help of the various special services, it is therefore quite possible to save a lot and also make the repayment of the loan as pleasant as possible.


With the help of an installment loan you can easily and quickly get your boat license.

Thus, a classic installment loan is a very good way to finally meet the desire of your own boating license. Due to the simple repayment modalities, the borrower benefits from a very good predictability; Any surprises are not to be expected here.

It is definitely recommended to compare the different loan offers of the different banks, since there are often even clear differences.